CIRCA 1900


Alamo in Holiday Lights

The Alamo church, owned by the State, was under the custodianship of the city of San Antonio from 1883 until 1905 and was in terrible disrepair. Due to the efforts of Adina de Zavalla and Clara Driscoll, the Alamo Convento or Long Barracks was purchased by the DRT.  On October 4, 1905 the governor formally conveyed the decaying Alamo shrine to the custodianship of the DRT, and the state reimbursed Clara Driscoll for the personal monies she had used to save the Long Barracks. Both properties now composed the Alamo Complex and were lovingly preserved and cared for by the Daughters for the next 110 years.

Brightly lit during the holidays with the words “Remember the Alamo,” the Shrine looked like this circa 1900.