Davy Crockett Letter Excerpt in Essex Register

Davy Crockett's lack of results during his first three terms as a U.S. Congressman as well as his vehement opposition to Andrew Jackson cost him the 1835 Congressional election. In response, Crockett declared that he would head for Texas to participate in the rebellion there and take advantage of the possibilities afforded by the amount of land on offer.

In a portion of his letter printed on the 10th of September, 1835, in the Essex Register (Salem, MA), Crockett declares “I do believe Santa Anna’s Kingdom will be a paradise, compared with this in a few years. The People are nearly ready to take the yoke of bondage…” The full letter appears in a different newspaper, the National Intelligencer. Crockett was so famous, though, that other newspapers through the United States picked up his letter and printed it.