Update on Republic of Texas History Center

Posted on Posted in June 2016

Update on Republic of Texas History Center

DRT's New Home - RTHC
DRT’s New Home – RTHC

March started with a literal bang as Momark Development demolished the duplex and storage shed on the south and west sides of the DRT property, where a sales office will be staged. The lease with Momark Development began on March 1, 2016 at a rental rate of $1,400 a month. Additional parts of the lease including adding a privacy fence behind the rental houses, repairing the chain-link fence between the DRT property and parking lot, and installing a gate in the chair-link fence will be completed soon.

Also in March, discussions with the Center architect, Eric Miller of Lym Miller Architecture, continued with the purpose of finalizing plans for the construction permitting process. Eric met with Linda Dietert (Republic of Texas Museum Committee), Sherry Jenkins (Headquarters Committee), and Lynne and Mike Byrd (Technology Assessment Resources Team) to address the specific needs of the DRT.  The next stages of Lym Miller Architecture’s design and development process should take between 9 and 12 months to complete.

It is estimated that the Republic of Texas History Center will cost $3.5 million. DRT owns the property where the new Center will be built, and the current DRT Headquarters building on East Anderson Lane will be solid when construction of the new Center begins. However, the sale of the Headquarters building will not cover the entire cost of the new building. DRT will be exploring various avenues to procure the additional required funds. We request that all members start thinking of how you can help – the future of the DRT is in your hands.

Please visit the DRT member website at www.drtinfo.org/members to see the floor plans for the RTHC and view fundraising opportunities.  If you have donated in the past, thank you.  It takes many donations, large and small, to complete a project of this magnitude.  All gifts are needed and appreciated.