Republic of Texas History Center: Bringing the Daughters Home

Posted on Posted in December 2016

Republic of Texas History Center: Bringing the Daughters Home

The organization continues to raise awareness about the need for The Republic of Texas History Center (RTHC). The current DRT headquarters is inconveniently located and often hard to find by visitors. It’s also too small to accommodate the ever-growing number of educational programs offered by the DRT. Construction to improve the two major highways (IH-35 & S.H. 183) under which the current DRT building sits will begin within a year’s time, making it even more challenging for patrons to visit. The new facility will provide a larger, more appropriate setting for research, exhibitions, educational programs and conferences, as well as meeting spaces for community groups. It is time for the Daughters to move!

In December, the RTHC Committee was presented with a three-dimensional view of the first and second floors of the center. It was a thrill to virtually move through the building and observe the placement of walls, doors, windows and furnishings. The curved staircase to the second floor will add to the charm of entering the center. There is a lot to be excited about with our new facility!

The Republic of Texas History Center will not be possible without the generous support of DRT members like you. A donation to the RTHC is a wonderful way to honor your experience as a Daughter. We are pleased to report that 51 percent of the total goal of $5,040,252 (cost of land and building) has been raised. However, in order to start building in January 2018, the remaining funds must be collected. Fund-raising can be done through several methods, including the Flag Pole Chapter Challenge and purchasing a paver to honor your DRT ancestor, family members or yourself. The deadline for the Flag Pole Challenge and purchasing a paver is May 1, 2017.

With your end-of-year financial planning, please do not forget the RTHC with a contribution. Your gift is 100 percent tax-deductible.